Welcome to the Sprawl

This will be a post-modern high tech science fiction game that will focus on high tech and low life elements and themes. The PCs will be criminals and antiheroes looking to make a buck and survive in the cut-throat urban sprawl of New Pacific.

Lost Angels: The Pacific Sprawl

Lost Angels originally grew out of Los Angeles, stretching from north of San Francisco to south of Tijuana. The eastern border of the city goes as far as Phoenix and Las Vegas before thinning out before new Mexico. Since the nuclear catastrophe of the Republic of China in 2023, the city has become a second home to much of the world’s asian population. The city is the hub of technology, pollution, over population and crime. It’s also the locations of most of the world’s megacorp home offices, as well as thousands of subsidiaries and minor corporations.

Sprawl: 2072

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