Wealth levels

I’ll be using a slightly different system than the Supernatural core for wealth. Your wealth trait represents side jobs that you do, and provides you with your basic living conditions as well as access you have to dealers of equipment. Contacts can also be used to gain access to useful equipment and tools.

Wealth levels:

d2 – Hurting – You live in a five by five foot cubical motel that is little more than a stacked bed in the worst part of town. You go hungry most days, with Titan assistance your only real source of nutrition. You have 50c a month. This is the basic starting wealth level. This is the d8 dead broke complication level.

d4 – Working Stiff: You live as an average working class joe. You have a very small, one bedroom or two apartment in a bad part of lowcity. You eat cheap, processed food and access to a vehicle. You have a spare 200c a month, and 1000c in savings.. Basic wealth level.

d6 – Middle class. You have access to a two bedroom apartment in a nicer part of town, of a series of hotels and you can even afford your bills. You have a car that works reliably, and even can afford extras like coffee and cigarettes. You have a spare 500c a month. d4 wealthy level.

d8 – Well Off: You have a home in the topside of the city, with clean air and sunlight. You have a car or two, maybe a boat you take out on weekends. You live well, with plenty of credit to use when you need it. You have a spare 2500c a month to spend on whatever you want, and if needed can tap an additional 10,000c in savings. d8 wealthy level.

d10 – Filithy Rich. You probably own your own corporation or are a major shareholder in a megacorp. You have multiple houses, cars, boats and skycars. You want for very little and can crush another with your wealth and influence. You have a spare 10,000 a month and a million or more in savings. This level of wealth is not available for play.


Titan Gyrojet – Small, compact pistol that provides hard and soft point ammunition. Small, compact design with state of the art micro-frangible rounds loaded via a rod slot in the center of the rear. Magazine: 12 rounds. Damage d6 W. Range: 70’, Fire Mode: Single shot, Cost: 200c

T77 Lawbringer – The latest in military and police issue handguns. The T77 Lawbringer by Titan provides accuracy and reliability in a small package. The T77 fires high velocity frangible rounds and has a small underbarrel launcher capable of holding a single EMP or Explosive charge. It is also outfitted with DNA encoded firing lock, allowing only registered users to fire the weapon. Holds 20 rounds, Damage d8 W. Under-barrel as grenade. Range: 75’, Fire Mode: Single shot, Cost: 1,000c

SAR 21 – The workhorse assault rifle of Asia for the last seventy years. The SAR 21 has become a favorite in many places since the war. A light weight, bullpup weapon with a balanced center of balance and direct back recoil that does not throw off the barrel. It’s bullpup design allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces without sacrificing barrel length. Also comes standard with a laser sight. Magazine: 30 rounds. d8 W. Range: 200’, Fire Mode: Single shot, Burst, Autofire, Cost: 550c

Titan AR-15 – Titan’s premiere 5.56mm assault rifle, using their advanced frangible rod technology that allows for a high capacity magazine without losing stopping power. Laser guided, with both iLink and Cyberbrain app support. The targeting systems on the Titan AR-15 provide a two step bonus to the Guns skill of anyone firing one with a linked CB or iLink. Magazine: 75 rounds. d8 W, Range: 180’, Fire Mode: Single shot, Burst, Autofire, Cost: 2,500c

Granger F332 – Produced by Granger Inc, a subsidiary of Omni and their signature weapon. The best performing high impact sniper rifle available on the market. Long range, high caliber rounds with added accuracy from a magnetic chamber. Technically a “railgun” the Granger F332 is highly accurate up to half a mile, with greater distances possible. A computer aided targeting system provides those with a CB or iLink a two step bonus when firing. Magazine: 3 rounds. d10 W, Range: 3000’, Fire Mode: Single shot, Cost: 7,000c

Ammo Types

The standard ammunition for firearms was developed and deployed by Titan Industries in 2022. Known as the Frangible Rod and firing coil. The frangible rod is a specially designed high density metal coated with a highly ferrous coating. The firing coil is designed to rapidly sheer off the projectile and accelerate it down the magnetic coil. As the round leaves the chamber, most if not all of the magnetic coating is removed. This makes the ammunition light and cheap, but guns designed to fire frangible rod ammunition are vulnerable to EMP attacks.

After being hit with an EMP attack, a frangible rod weapon will not fire until the coil is reset, which takes ten minutes unless the character spends an action and a plot point to reset it quicker.

Standard Frangible: This behaves like a modern bullet, save it is magnetic fired as described above. Normal damage. Cost: 50c for 100 pistol rounds. 75c for 100 rifle rounds.

Fletchette Round: Able to be fired from frangible coil firearms, but they take up significantly more space than the standard rod. Half the magazine capacity if loaded with Fletchettes. These small darts spread like shotgun pellets, but are highly accurate and penetrate deep. They provide armor piercing 2. Cost: 150c for 100 pistol rounds. 225c for 100 rifle rounds.

Soft Point Ammo: Designed to be fired as a Frangible Rod or in a standard magazine. Soft point ammo provides more stopping power with less penetration. Increase the weapon damage by one step but any armor is doubled. Cost: 100c for 100 pistol rounds. 150c for 100 rifle rounds.

Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Cost
Axe d8 W 40c
Baseball Bat d6 B 20c
Bayonet (Mounted) d4 W 35c
Brass Knuckles Special 25c
Chain d4 B 15c
Chainsaw d10 W 200c
Hatchet d6 W 20c
Knife d2 W 30c
Nightstick d4 B 35c
Staff d6 B 30c
Stungun, Contact d6 S + Special 100c
Sword, Collapsible d6 W 300c
Sword, Dueling d4 W 150c
Sword, mono-filament d8 W 500c

Grenades and Heavy Weapons

Weapon Damage Blast Radius Range Cost
C-4 3d12 10 150c
Dynamite 3d6 5 Str x 3 100c
Flamethrower 2d4 W Fire 15 4000c
Grenade, DNA Special 30 Str x 3 1,000c
Grenade, EMP Special 10 Str x 3 300c
Grenade, Flash-Bang d4 S 1 5 Str x 3 50c
Grenade, Fragmentation 5d6 W 30 Str x 3 75c
Grenade, Riot Special 25 Str x 3 90c
Machine Gun, Light d2 Large 300 3500c
Machine Gun, Heavy d4 Large 300 4000c
Mortar 5d8 W 30 1/2 mile 500c
Rocket Launcher 1d6 W Large 10 1/4 mile 5000c


Equipment and Tools


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