The economic structure of the earth in 2072 is complex. Megacorp can mean something different to different people. The companies listed below are the major players in the economic world. Due to hostile takeovers, mergers and join boards of directors, many of these companies have a sort of incestuous nature with each other. They exist to oppose each other but also rely on each other at the same time. Corporate espionage between them is common place but they would back each other against any major threat to trade and the open market.

Apple Ion

Following the collapse of the oil market, apple seized the initiative by acquiring several nuclear power companies and electric distribution facilities across the developed world. In 2022, their merger with AT&T made them one of the largest telecommunications companies as well. Since that time, Apple Ion has become one of the primary players in cellular communication, consumer electronics and home appliances as well as the de-facto electric company in most of the world. Advances in clean power continue to push them to the forefront of the market with an ever growing market share. The iLink, their net connected optical implant, is one of the most popular on the market.

Glencore Health

Formed from major holding companies, corporate strctures acquired after the collapse of the Asian markets, Glencore Health is a leader in health care and pharmaceutical development. Glencore rivals Omni for the cybernetic implant market. While having less clinics than Omni Corp, they are known for having a higher quality of service as well as being more expensive, which reserves them for the higher class of consumers. Glencore’s pharmaceutical division produces seventy six percent of the medicine used by the world, as well as the drug Neuropozyne which is used universally to prevent the rejection of bio-ware and cybernetic implants.

Google Tomorrow

Google grew out of a search engine company to a multinational corporation quicker than anyone realized. Their fiber network created the backbone much of the net used in it’s infancy, and they continued to be a leader in technology through their acquisition of other tech companies. Adding the personnel and patents to their power house company. Glass was the first step in an optical device, followed quickly by Google Eye during the 30s, allowing google to corner the market on the optical net for decades. With the acqusition of Dell, HTC, IBM, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and Turner Broadcasting Google pushed it’s predominance in the personal electronics market to the front. Now one of the largest suppliers of personal communications, telecommunications, news, media and just about anything else.

Omni Corp

Omni was formed in 2040 during the merger of Wal-Mart Inc. with General Electric. The retail and product giant then absorbed several other major corporations, including General Motors, Costco, Hewlett-Packard and CVS pharmaceuticals. Omni has now become the face of retail across the global economy. Through their subsidiaries they own seventy percent of all physical retail or restaurants on the street. Always on the forefront of innovation, they also run the Omni-Tech Clinics, which provide emergency care and upgrades for people with cybernetic implants and prosthetics.

Titan Corp

Titan is the predominate personal security corporation, with additional holdings in military research, mercenary deployment,, restoration and construction. Although many corporations have their own private security and police their controlled districts, Titan Security branch is responsible for the major of policing efforts. Titan also runs many of the sponsored services for lower class citizens including: Shelters, soup kitchens and drug rehabilitation centers. The company’s reputation is on security, and their weapons research is one of the most highly sought after targets for corporate espionage. They have recently come under fire for their extreme response to external threats.


Vitol Pec formed with the consolidation of two of the largest oil and crude corporations in the world, Vitol and the Sinopec group. Their merger gave them the capitol to corner the market on crude oil during the height of it’s value. As the fuel crisis came to a head in 2033, their stealth acquisition of alternative power technologies, and the purchase of several major automobile companies (Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi) allowed them to transition from the dying fossil fuel market and into the new global superpower of fuel. Vitol-Pec hydrogen stations are in every neighborhood. Vitol-Pec cars autonumber any other companies on the road.

Many, many more…


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