Creating a character

Step 1: Choose Your Role

We wont be using the roles as presented in the Leverage RPG, but we will be using them for inspiration. Each role represents a fundamental set of skills useful as part of a group in the Cyberpunk setting. Not everyone is going to have these skills, but a useful member of a crew of what-have-you all have these roles represented.

Grifter – The Grifters deal in trust. They get it and then exploit it against the people who gave it to them. They excel in social situations. Lying, acting, cheating or distracting the opposition so that the others can do their jobs.

Associated Skills: Artistry, Influence, Knowledge, Performance

Hacker – The Hacker deals in information. They gain it for the crew, deny it to the opposition, or manipulate it to take down a mark. They hack into network systems, creating fake IDs, and obtaining technology are all things that usually fall under the hacker’s purview.

Associated Skills: Drive, Mechanic, Science, Tech

Hitter – The Hitter deals in force. They engage in direct combat to put force on bad guys, getting them out of the way. Engaging in combat, sizing up a tactical situation and intimidating a guard are all things a Hitter excels at.

Associated Skills: Athletics, Guns, Melee Weapons, Survival, Unarmed Combat

Mastermind – The Mastermind deals in plans. They formulate the plan at the start of the job and coordinate the team’s efforts to stay on track. They deal with unexpected events that threaten to blow every plan. Finding out where the target hid the information you’re looking for, noticing the unexpected guard entering the front door, or bribing the government police are all jobs for the Mastermind.

Associated Skills: Discipline, Influence, Knowledge, Perception, Pilot

Thief – Thieves deal in access. They get themselves and the Crew access by breaking through security systems, and they use access to steal items or information. Sneak past a guard, picking a marks pocket for an access card, or using a stealth suit to repel into a server room are all jobs for the Thief.

Associated Skills: Covert, Discipline, Mechanic, Tech

There should be some overlap. When picking your skills you should select primary skills for the skills associated with your role, and then think of a secondary roll that you’d like to fill and cover that as well.

Step 2: Attributes

There are six attributes to choose from, rated from poor (d2) and above. As starting PCs your attributes will be limited to d12. More advanced PCs can have d12 + d2, or d12 +d4.

Agility covers things like quickness, balance, and hand-eye work. A high Agility lets you shoot first and ask questions later. A low score means you might not be able to get that gun out of your holster in time to worry much about shooting.

Strength is brawn, and how toned it might be. A high Strength lets you kick down doors, throw solid punches, or bench press Smart Cars. A low Strength makes carrying a suitcase up a flight of stairs trouble.

Vitality measures toughness and health. A character with high Vitality is hard to take down, and even harder to keep down; he can drink all night, work all day, and take hits that would lay flat an ordinary guy. Low Vitality types wanna take plenty of Vitamin-C and best not enter any drinking contests.

Alertness lets you observe and understand what’s going on around you. A high Alertness catches a whisper on a holo recording, knows when someone’s lying to your face, or spots the crazed look in a drug addicts eyes. The flip side means you don’t see the gangster before he puts a bullet in your head.

Intelligence is thinking, reasoning, and remembering. A high Intelligence makes you bright, inventive, and capable of sorting out complex information. Otherwise, jigsaw puzzles are stumpers and forget using the internet.

Willpower combines grit and force of personality. If you’ve got a high score in Willpower, resisting intimidation, torture, and hardship might actually happen. You also might convince someone to do what you want through sheer charisma. A low Willpower makes you more susceptible to stronger personalities and addiction.

Characters will receive 42 attribute points. Each die costs a number of points equal to it’s rating. So a d2 costs 2 points, and a d12 costs 12 points.

Note that attributes need to be at least a d4 and no higher than a d12. As noted above, lower attributes are possible but you wont live long with them.

Step 3: Derived Attributes

These are based on the above attributes.

Initiative: Record your Agility + Alertness. For Example d6 + d6.

Life Points: Record the total of the maximum of your Vitality + Willpower. For example with a d6 in each you’d have 12 life points.

Endurance: Record Willpower + Vitality traits. For Example: d6 + d6

Step 4: Skills

62 skill points, chosen from the Supernatural Book.

Step 5: Traits

By default, you have zero points to spend in traits. This can be countered by taking Complications, which provide points that can be spent in Assets.

Asset/ Value

Allure d2–d6
Alternate Identity d2–d6
Ambidextrous d2
Born Behind the Wheel d2–d6
Brawler d2–d6
Carries a Badge d2–d6
Contacts d2–d6
Cool Under Fire d2–d6
Devoted d6
Faith d2–d6
Fast on Your Feet d2/d6
Focused Hunter d2–d6
Formidable Presence d2–d6
Gear Head d2–d6
Good-Natured d2–d6
Hardy Constitution d2–d6
Higher Education d2–d6
In Plain Sight d2–d6
Intuitive Leaps d4/d8
Light Sleeper d4
Low Profile d2/d6
Lucky d4/d8/d12
Natural Athlete d2–d6
Natural Linguist d2–d6
Photographic Memory d4/d8
Reputation d2–d6
Safe House d4/d8
Sensitive d2–d6
Sharp Sense d2–d6
Split Second Timing d2–d6
Sure Footed d2–d6
Talented d2–d6
Tech Expert d2–d6
Tough d4/d8
Two-Handed Fighting d4
Unbreakable Will d2–d6
Uncommon Knowledge d2–d6
Wealthy d4/d8

Special Assets:

These are Cyberpunk assets I created. Assets marked with a (CB) require a neural control chip or a cyberbrain implant. Assets marked with a (OP) only require an optical implant.

Armored Sub-dermal Mesh: d4-d8 – Receive half the trait rating as innate armor that applies against any attack except for energy based attacks.
Omni Pheromone Amplification Module: d4-d6 – Receive a die bonus equal to asset rating on social interaction rolls. (CB)
Omni Reaction Amplification Network: d4-d12 – Receive die bonus equal to half of asset rating added to any alertness based roll. (CB)
Titan Enhanced Muscular Mesh: d4-d12 – Receive die bonus equal to half of asset rating added to any strength based roll. (OP)
Titan Advanced Personal Assistant Module: d4-d8 – Receive die bonus equal to half of asset rating added to any Intelligence based roll. (CB)

GlenHealth Emergency Resuscitation System: d12+d4 – d12+d8 – (CB) . Glencore Health cornered the market on emergency care prosthetics. The GH ERS is a series of artificial organs, nano-machines and drug reserves that assists a severely injured or dying patient. The ERS provides several advantages.

At a d12+d4: ERS grants it’s asset dice as a bonus on rolls to stay conscious and resist the effects of drugs or poisons.

At a d12+d6: ERS grants an additional 6 life points.

At a d12+d8: ERS grants an additional d8 on rolls to resist dying and a dying character can spend a plot point to immediately stabilize.

GT Directed Inferface Pads: d8 – (CB) These small fingerpad implants allow a cyberbrain access to a closed loop system when touched against a networked device. Operating via fiber-light or proximity electromagnetic injection, these hacker-favored devices are highly sought after and have very few practical or legal uses. Your trait die is added when you are attempting to gain access to a digital device or network to which you can touch.

iLink: d6-d8 – The iLink is the basic model optical implant that provides internet and communication access via an optical only interface. It also provides a HUD for basic implant control and maintenance. An iLink provides a d2 when accessing the net to search for information, and can be used to record anything the user sees and hears.

By spending a plot point, the iLink can be shielded from hacking for the scene, unless the hacker also uses expends a plot point. A plot point can be spent to generate information based scene assets at a maximum trait die of the iLink’s rating.

An iLink requires a minimum of a d4 Neuropozyne dependency.

Omni Cyberbrain: d10-d12+8 – An advanced form of the iLink, a full integration of a biochip with the cerebral cortex. Like the iLink, the Cyberbrain provides access to the net as well as the capability to record and structure data. It also allows for easy multi-processing of data. A person with a cyberbrain can perform actions in the net simultaneously with actions in the meatspace, without penalties. It also is required for all advanced implants. When accessing the net, add the asset rating to any rolls to search. Alternatively, the full asset rating can be used by itself while the user is making other actions in the physical reality.

By spending a plot point, a cyberbrain can be enhanced by one die step for the scene. This causes an immediate Neuropozyne withdrawal.

A cyberbrain requires a minimum of a d8 Neuropozyne dependency.

Titan X93 Active-Camo Suit: d10-d12+d12 – The titan X93 is a cutting edge active camo suit that incorporates many technologies into it’s design. The plans for the X93 were stolen a year ago, and since that time many models have become available through back channels and the black market, usually with custom modifications by the black market designers.

Any rating higher than d12 requires a (CB) Cyberbrain implant to take advantage of the advanced features.

d10 – The basic model adds a d10 to all stealth rolls. This is active camouflage that works against sight only. Appears like a shimmering translucent body when active.

d12 – As above, but provides a d12 to stealth. This also allows it’s stealth to function against heat sensors and against multispectrum cameras.

d12+4 – As above, d12+d4 to stealth and also provides 2 points of armor vs ballistic attacks.

d12+d6 – As above but d12+d6 to stealth, and offers full invisibility if the user spends a plot point (no need to roll vs normal senses).

d12+d8 – As above, d12+d8 and adds 4 points of armor vs ballistic and electric attacks.

d12+d10 – As above, but provides d12+d10 to stealth and unarmed attacks deal two steps up of electric damage.

d12+d12 as above, +d12+1d12 to stealth and the suit can be immune to emp attacks for a plot point.

Flaw: The suit is vulnerable to malfunction. When rolling a 1 on any stealth die pool, the player can receive a plot point to cause the suit to short out and no longer provide its stealth functions for the scene. Reactivating the suit requires the expenditure of a plot point.

Flaw: EMP – When suffering an electric attack or an emp attack, the Fixer can award 1 PP to shut the suit down for the scene.

Complication / Value
Absent Minded d2–d6
Addiction d4–d10
Allergy d2/d8
Amnesia d2/d8
Amorous d4–d8
Anger Issues d2–d4
Blind d6/d12
Combat Paralysis d4/d8
Compulsive Liar d4
Coward d4–d8
Crude d4–d8
Dark Secret d4/d8
Dead Broke d4/d8
Deaf d10
Dull Sense d2–d4
Duty d4/d8/d12
Fragile d4/d8
Fugly d2–d6
Glory Hound d2–d4
Greedy d4–d8
Gullible d2–d6
Honest to a Fault d2–d6
Hooked d4/d8
Hunted d4/d8/d12
Idealist d2–d6
Illiterate d6
Illness d4/d8/d12
Infamy d2–d6
Insatiable Curiosity d4
Kleptomaniac d2/d6
Klutz d4/d8
Lazy d4
Lightweight d2–d8
Low Pain Threshold d6
Memorable d2–d8
Mute d6
Obsessed d2/d6
Out for Blood d4/d8
Overconfident d2–d6
Overweight d2–d6
Pacifist d6/d12
Paranoid d4
Phobia d2–d6
Practical Joker d4
Prejudice d4
Complication Value &
Rebellious d4
Rotten Luck d4/d8/d12
Shy d4
Slave to Tradition d4
Smartass d4
Socially Awkward d2–d6
Stingy d4
Straight and Narrow d4
Superstitious d2/d6
Traumatic Flashes d4/d8
Unstable d4/d8
Weak Stomach d4
Wrong Side of the Law d4/d8

Special Complications:

Neuropozyne Dependancy: d4-d12 – You require neuropozyne to keep from rejecting your implants. At d4, you must have an injection once a week. At d6, twice a week. At d8, once a day. At d10, twice a day, and at d12 every hour.

You may gain a plot point by suffering an immediate withdrawal after rolling a 1. This causes you receive half your complication rating as a penalty to all rolls until you receive an injection.

Corporate Owned: d6-d12 – You are private property of a megacorporation. Either you have proprietary implants that were put in as part of your job, or you’re just a legal slave. Whatever the reason, the corporation does not leave you alone. The higher this flaw, the less freedom you have. Should you try and run away, you will be hunted. at a d6, you are kept on a short leash. At a d8, you live in a corporation controlled building and rare interact with non-employees. At a d10 you’re every waking moment is directed by the corporation, and a d12 you have a cranial bomb implanted in your skull, should you betray the corporation you will be eliminated.


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